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Book 1

Title: Eternal Beginnings
Series: One Hell of a Romance #1
Published by: The Red Pen of Doom
Release Date: 04/10/2018
Contributors: Jennifer Felton
Genre: , , , ,

An assault like no other.

They're supposed to be the good guys, so why are the hunters causing riots and chaos in cities all across Great Britain?
All Tobias, Maya, and Sebastian Helms wish to do is live their lives in peace.

True, they may be demons, vampires, but they mean humans no harm. Now, they're being hunted, along with the ones they love, and can't seem to shake the feeling that there is more going on than they realize. Could it be that someone they trusted has betrayed them?

Nothing could have prepared them for the losses they would be dealt.

Driven from their homes, it doesn't take long for danger to once again appear on their doorstep. After one of their employees is found dead, the local deputy is determined to get to the bottom of the strange circumstances of the man's death, as well as the strange family that seems to be hindering his efforts every step of the way.

Can our trio clear their names and find love again?

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Hell would have been far safer for them. Some days, he wondered why he ever even decided to go topside.

It reminded Tobias of the times he had lived in when he was still mortal, back when demons were blamed for everything. He didn’t want to think about all of that starting up again, not when things were just settling down. Maya had worked so hard to be able to live a normal life; he didn’t want to see that ruined, not for any of them.

He knew his children wouldn’t be in any real danger, but he was still a father and entitled to his worry. His twins were the only true immortals in this realm — and perhaps in all of the realms, for even the gods themselves were not able to destroy them. They were all he cared about in this life. His money and position meant nothing without them.

He could have returned to Karsia when the humans first started to bring their own version of hell upon the lands. Normally, he would have, but the desire to be there for his children—emotionally and mentally, if not physically—outweighed his own self-preservation. It was all so new for him. He wasn’t used to feeling this way, even after so many centuries with them.

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Title: Nicodemus' Master
Published by: The Red Pen of Doom
Release Date: 03/15/2018
Contributors: Iris Sweetwater
Genre: , ,
Pages: 11

Delilah has always been fascinated by magic and the occult, knowing that one day she would break the bonds childhood and her family had on her in order to learn to do spell work herself. After turning 18, knowing she is forsaking those she grew up with, she travels outside of town to the top of a hill to perform a very powerful spell with other like-minded individuals. When nothing happens, she believes it to be a hoax and feels tricked, until the next morning when she finds herself bound to a cocky and sexy demon who calls her Master.

Being a Master to a demon is not what she expects, but when she seeks answers and help, all the both of them find are dangers and a prophecy that could lead to the world's destruction.