Traditional Publishing

Traditional Publishing

Under our traditional publishing contracts, authors whose manuscripts are accepted will have our team dedicated to producing a beautifully polished and professional book, and earn up to 65% royalties. 

We will work with the author to develop the his or her platform and marketing plan. While we will guide and assist the author, the author is still responsible for maintaining a portion of their own marketing. This may be done with the help of a PA, if the author has one. Social media posts and blog posts are expected to be created by the author, not third parties. That means if the author is utilizing the assistance of a PA, they should not be delegating the PA to create their posts, only helping to share. Readers want to know and interact with the author, not their PA.

The Red Pen of Doom is open to many marketing strategies that the author may be interested in. Only expenses indicated as being paid for by The Red Pen of Doom in the author’s approved marketing plan will be paid for. Exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis as the marketing plan evolves.

Along with marketing, we will provide the author with a cover. If the author elects to use an outside designer, the author will be responsible for the cost of the cover, unless arrangements are made in advance. The author is to obtain approval of any outside cover or marketing designs prior to purchase. If the author fails to obtain permission, the author runs the risk of their materials not being usable. 


If you are interested in having your book published with The Red Pen of Doom Publishing, please fill out our query form for NA/Adult or Childrens/MG/YA. While we try to respond to all queries within 1-2 weeks, it depends on the amount of queries we have to consider. If you have not heard from us after 4 weeks, please email us with the title of your manuscript as the subject.

Please be advised, we may ask you to make certain revisions and resubmit. On the other hand, if we pass on your manuscript, it just means that it wasn’t a fit for what we are looking for at this time. Unfortunately, we can’t provide feedback on every submission, but we thank you for thinking of us and wish you luck.


If you have a manuscript which is incomplete and/or unedited, and you would still like it to be considered for publication, please refer our hybrid/co-publishing opportunity. If you would prefer to self-publish and are looking to receive services regarding your manuscript, please visit our Manuscript Services division.