Traditional Publishing

Under our traditional publishing contracts, authors whose manuscripts are accepted, will be edited and proofed. They will also go through formatting and layout so that a beautiful finished product will be made available. 

Aside from these basic services, authors will also be assigned a marketing manager, who will work with the author do develop the author’s platform and marketing plan. The marketing manager is there to guide and assist the author, however, the author is still responsible for maintaining their own marketing. However, this may be done with the help of a PA, if the author has one. Social media posts and blog posts are expected to be created by the author, not third parties.

The Red Pen of Doom is open to any marketing strategies that the author is interested in. However, all marketing strategies must be approved by the author’s marketing manager. Only expenses indicated as being paid for by The Red Pen of Doom in the author’s approved marketing plan will be paid for. Exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Along with marketing, we will provide the author with a cover. If the author elects to use an outside designer, the author will be responsible for the cost of the cover, unless arrangements are made in advance.