Hybrid Publishing

Our co-publishing model is designed for those who want more creative freedom with publishing their manuscript, or who have unfinished/unedited manuscripts they wish to submit.

With co-publishing, the author also has a financial stake in the publishing practices that are engaged in with the manuscript. While the author will not be financially responsible for the full cost of preparing and publishing their manuscript, they will receive deep discounts on services obtained through The Red Pen of Doom, and their manuscript will be published and marketed under our imprint, and will receive up to 65% royalties.

Authors may also choose to obtain services from outside vendors. If authors choose outside vendors, they will be responsible for the full cost of those services, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.

We will work with each author on a book-by-book basis to determine what costs the author and the publisher are responsible for.

This is not to be confused with vanity publishing, where authors are required to pay inflated prices for ‘services’ and then required to purchase X amount of their own books. Instead, this is geared towards those who may be more inclined to self-publish, but don’t have the financial means to pay full cost for all of the associated services.

All books submitted for traditional and co-publishing contracts are vetted and considered on an individual basis for each title’s merit. Not all co-publishing submissions will be accepted, just as all traditional submissions will not be submitted. Only a small number of submissions will be accepted for publishing each year, so that we can focus on providing high quality services and marketing to the authors and manuscripts that we do accept.

Contracts are still required for our co-publishing titles, where we would obtain the rights to publish.

If you are looking for options where you don’t need to sign a contract giving us the rights to publish your manuscript, please visit our Manuscript Services division. There, you may purchase or receive a quote on individual services or packages in order to get your manuscript ready to self-publish, or submit to agents and other publishers.