Red Pen Stories

What is Red Pen Stories?

Red Pen Stories is our new episodic publishing model.

This is designed strictly for short stories that will be told over 5 episodes. Readers will be able to get synopsis and a brief snippet before determining to buy access to the story or episode.

Authors will be given 50% royalties for these stories.

How do I get Involved?

Just like our traditional and hybrid/co-publishing models of publishing, our Stories require a query. You can fill out the form with all the information and send it to us for consideration.

The form requires an overall story synopsis (beginning, middle, and end) just like you would need for any other query. In addition, it also requires episode synopsis (that’s five paragraphs – one paragraph per episode). We require this so that we can make sure each episode is well developed. You’ll also need to include your total word count, as well as genre.

A writing sample is also required. We suggest the first two episodes.

If your story is approved, you will be required to sign a publishing contract just like you would for any other story.

Sounds Great… But what is Episodic Publishing?

Episodic publishing is publishing a short story in pieces, meaning episodes. You can also consider each episode to be a chapter. The episodes (or chapters) should be 1k-2.5k each. Readers will be able to purchase, and then read via the Stories website, the episodes they’ve purchased.

Each episode is $.99 USD. Once a story is complete, readers will have the option of purchasing the entire story at a discount of $4 USD.

What’s the Difference Between this and your other Models?

With our traditional and hybrid models, we take care of all of the prep work and polish your manuscript, as well as provide some marketing.

Check out our publishing opportunities to see the other publishing models we offer. Be sure to read through everything carefully to make sure you are choosing the model best suited for what you want.

When it comes to episodic publishing, you are required to be able to produce your episodes publish-ready. If the quality ends up not meeting our standards (or, more importantly, the standards of our readers), then there will be penalties imposed – up to and including termination of contract. Also, we don’t market individual stories, though we will have featured stories on the main page. These will either be new or popular stories.

What if I’m not sure it’s for me?

No problem! You can still submit your story for either traditional or hybrid publishing!

We do accept short stories, as long as they are a minimum of 10k words.

If you’d prefer to go the route of self-publishing, we do offer manuscript services in order to get your book ready to publish.

If you have any questions, you can always email us!