Submission Guidelines

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We are looking for anything from short story (10,000+ words) on up to epic novels. These stories can either be character or plot driven, but must be well executed and well edited. Manuscripts that appear to be poorly edited will be rejected. If you have not yet obtained editing services, you may do so through our services website, or from any editor you chose. Please note: Obtaining editing services from The Red Pen of Doom, does NOT guarantee your submission for publication will be accepted.
As such, we are looking for young adult, new adult, and adult novels. At this moment we are not accepting picture books, children’s books, or middle grade submissions.
While we will accept submissions of previously published works, author will be required to show proof that full publishing rights have reverted back to the author. If self published, and the publisher is showing anything besides a variation of the author’s name, author must be able to show substantiated proof that the imprint name does belong to them.
Currently, our main focus is on paranormal, romance, mystery, horror, and any of their sub genres. This doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in other genres! The only submissions we are not accepting are for non-fiction and historical (if your historical novel does fall under any of our focused genres, then we may still consider it).
Simultaneous submissions are allowed, we just ask that if you receive an offer from another publisher, that you notify us in order to let us know you would like it removed from our database or if you would like us to expedite our decision. Our expedited decision will come within 1-2 weeks of request. Please let the publisher know their offer is offer is under consideration and that you will need up to two weeks in order to allow other publishers to make an offer or pass on your project.
Our normal response time is currently 2-4 weeks